Agniroth OPTIK is a supplier of high-precision custom optic components and IR materials. Components include flat / aspherical / spherical optics, fine line-width reticles, laser mirrors, optically-contacted PBS cubes and several other custom products.

Alliances with world-class crystal growers help us distribute IR materials (Silicon and Germanium) to infrared optics producers. Customers include prominent end user organizations (NASA, Lawrence Livermore, Sandia Labs, Rigaku) as well as optics producers (Ophir Optronics, Qioptiq and Elbit Systems).

Featured Products
visible optics ir optics si
optics ir blanks
Standard Components  Windows, Prisms, Lenses, Polarizing optics (Waveplates, Beamsplitters) …
Specialty Components Aspheres (Diamond Turned or Molded), Reticles (etched down to 3 µm), Optically contacted PBS cubes …
Polished flat, spherical and aspheric components coated at the wavelength band of your choice or just substrates ready to coat are available. Precision components can reach Surface Dig of 10/5 and a Flatness of λ/20.
Blanks (round or rectangular windows, mirrors) and pre-generated optical grade blanks made from our high purity (>99.999%), Czochralski-grown silicon and germanium.
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